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Pro PowerShell for Amazon Web Services: DevOps for the AWS Cloud


Pro PowerShell for Amazon Web Services is written specifically for Windows professionals who already know PowerShell and want to learn to host Windows workloads in the Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) cloud service. The cloud offers information technology workers significant cost savings and agility unimaginable even just a few years ago. Tasks that traditionally took weeks of work, costing thousands of dollars, can be completed in minutes for a fraction of a penny.

This book is a resource for using Microsoft's powerful scripting language, PowerShell, to create, host, manage, and administer workloads using a service widely recognized as the industry leader in cloud computing. Inside, find scripts to create and manage virtual machines, provision storage, configure networks with agility, and more--all using your preferred Windows scripting language.

Use your PowerShell knowledge to harness the power of Amazon EC2 today!

What you’ll learn

  • Create, manage, and terminate Windows servers in the cloud
  • Manage storage options including backup and recovery
  • Configure a virtual network including subnets and route tables
  • Secure your servers using security groups and access control lists
  • Use Auto Scaling to respond to changing conditions
  • Deploy SQL Server using Relational Database Service
  • Use Simple Storage Service (S3) to reliably store and archive data
  • Control access to resources using Identity and Access Management (IAM) 

Who this book is for

Pro PowerShell for Amazon Web Services is for the intermediate to advanced Windows professional who is ready to make the leap to the Amazon cloud.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 AWS Architecture Overview

Chapter 2 Getting Started

Chapter 3 Basic Instance Management

Chapter 4 Elastic Block Storage 

Chapter 5 Virtual Private Cloud 

Chapter 6 Advanced Instance Management

Chapter 7 Amazon Machine Images

Chapter 8 Monitoring and High Availability

Chapter 9 Relational Database Service

Chapter 10 Simple Storage Service

Chapter 11 Identity and Access Management

Chapter 12 Glossary of Terms

Chapter 13 Metadata URL Structure

Chapter 14 List of Filters by EC2 Command

Chapter 15 List of API Methods by Command

Chapter 16 CloudWatch Metrics and Dimensions

Chapter 17 SQL Server RDS Parameters

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