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Pro SharePoint 2010 Development for Office 365

Welcome to the world of customization and development for SharePoint Online in Office 365. Although Office 365 offers lots of opportunities for businesses and developers, it also represents a different development and deployment paradigm from what most SharePoint developers are accustomed to in a traditional on-premise environment. Our purpose in writing this book is to help bridge the gap between on-premise and cloud-based SharePoint development and get developers up to speed as quickly as possible on what can be done and how to do it.

It’s no secret that cloud-based computing is the next big movement in IT, and Microsoft is right there in the market with Office 365—a cloud-based productivity suite which includes a hosted, cloud-focused version of SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010 developers who have traditionally developed for on-premise environments will suddenly find themselves being asked to develop for the cloud. While there is a lot of overlap between cloud-based and traditional SharePoint development, there are also some important differences and considerations that must be taken into account as well. In particular, the proliferation of cloud-based solutions was a driving force behind certain new features in SharePoint 2010, like sandboxed solutions and the new client object model.

As the devil is always in the details, Pro SharePoint 2010 Development for Office 365 helps you navigate the changes and develop compelling applications and solutions for SharePoint Online in Office 365. Authors Dave Milner, Bart McDonough, and Paul Stork bring to the table decades of experience in real-world development of solutions for customers—expertise that is the practical result of what works in real-world customer environments. This proven team will cover with you the architectural landscape that SharePoint in the cloud represents, discuss the steps in setting up a development environment, and cover multiple real-world development approaches, technologies, and considerations.

What you’ll learn

  • Explicit advice for setting up development environments to work with Office 365
  • Coverage of possibilities for development including browser, SharePoint Designer, and Visual Studio
  • Real-world development approaches
  • In-depth coverage of sandboxed solutions including specific Office 365 considerations
  • How to integrate InfoPath into an Office 365 SharePoint Online environment
  • How to develop and deploy Silverlight applications within SharePoint Online
  • Instructions for incorporating the most popular web development language— JavaScript—and the most popular add-on—jQuery
  • Instructions for working with HTML5 and CSS3 with SharePoint Online

Who this book is for

Online developers will find Pro SharePoint 2010 Development for Office 365 most useful. Developers for SharePoint and .NET developers interested in SharePoint solutions for Office 365 will greatly benefit from a clear approach and road map to get into developing for SharePoint in an Office 365 environment. Online developers without a background in SharePoint will also greatly benefit from a concise approach to focusing on necessary concepts and components to get up to speed quickly in developing solutions for SharePoint Office 365.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  2. SharePoint Online Development Overview
  3. Setting Up a Development Environment for SharePoint Online
  4. Basic Customization Using Only a Browser
  5. Taking It to the Next Level with SharePoint Designer
  6. InfoPath Forms and SharePoint Online
  7. Custom Development with Visual Studio
  8. SharePoint Designer
  9. Intro to Client-Side Development
  10. Client-Side Development with Silverlight
  11. Developing with jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3
  12. Hybrid On-Premise/Online Solutions
  13. Office 365 Preview (Office 2013) 
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