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Pro SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services (Professional Apress)


At its core, the process of designing reports hasn’t changed substantially in the past 20 years. The report designer lays out report objects, which contain data from a known source of data, in a design application such as Reporting Services, Business Objects Reports, or Microsoft Access. He or she then tests report execution, verifies the accuracy of the results, and distributes the report to the target audience.

Sure, there are enough differences between design applications to mean that the designer must become familiar with each particular environment. However, there’s enough crossover functionality to make this learning curve small. For example, the SUM function is the same in Business Objects Reports as it is in Microsoft Access as it is in Structured Query Language (SQL).

Pro SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services opens the door to delivering customizable, web-enabled reports across your business at reasonable cost. Reporting Services is Microsoft’s enterprise-level reporting platform. It is included with many editions of SQL Server, and is something you’ll want to take advantage of if you’re running SQL Server as your database engine.

Reporting Services provides a full set of tools with which to create and deploy reports. Create interactive reports for business users. Define reporting models from which business users can generate their own ad hoc reports. Pull data from relational databases, from XML, and from other sources. Present that data to users in tabular and graphical forms, and more. Reporting Services experts Brian McDonald, Rodney Landrum, and Shawn McGehee show how to do all this and much more in this third edition of their longstanding book on the topic.

  • Provides best practices for using Reporting Services
  • Covers the very latest in new features for SQL Server 2012
  • Your key to delivering business intelligence across the enterprise

What you’ll learn

  • Write efficient queries on which to base a report
  • Build and lay out a report using Report Designer
  • Enable end users to create ad hoc reports on demand
  • Combine Reporting Services with Analysis Services, SharePoint Server, and other technologies to deliver business intelligence across the enterprise
  • Secure and audit your reports as part of your regulatory compliance efforts
  • Customize your reports using C# assemblies and embedded Visual Basic .NET code

Who this book is for

Pro SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services is aimed at data analysts, developers, database administrators, and others who develop and deploy reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

Table of Contents

1. Introducing the Reporting Services Architecture
2. Report Authoring: Designing Efficienc Queries
3. Introduction to Reporting Services Design with SQL Server Data Tools
4. Laying Out A Report
5. Implementing Dashboard-Style Report Objects
6. Building Reports
7. Using Custom .NET Code with Reports
8. Deploying Reports
9. Rendering Reports from .NET Applications
10. Managing Reports
11. Securing Reports
12. Delivering Business Intelligence using SSRS
13. Creating Reports using Report Builder 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

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