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Professional MOM 2005, SMS 2003, and WSUS

For enterprises from small businesses to the largest corporations, Microsoft has built a well-integrated set of monitoring and systems management solutions that can provide a comprehensive approach to automating IT operations. This book explains the practical implementation and best practices of a Microsoft environment using this core set of tools—Microsoft® Operations Manager (MOM 2005), Systems Management Server (SMS 2003), and Windows® System Update Services (WSUS)—and goes beyond the basics to show the best methods for keeping your system patched, secure, and up to date.

The author team of experts explains how MOM 2005, SMS 2003, and WSUS can help make your operations and systems management tasks easier. They also offer you an informative look at what you can expect from Microsoft in the future.

What you will learn from this book

  • Installation and deployment procedures of MOM, SMS, WSUS, and Microsoft Update
  • How to get the most out of the operations monitoring tools
  • The agent technologies that allow MOM and SMS to work in your environment
  • How to implement product-specific MOM management packs, including third-party management packs and product connectors
  • The security and patching features that are supported by MOM and SMS
  • The reporting capabilities of MOM and SMS and how to customize them for your environment

Who this book is for

This book is for IT professionals who manage PCs and servers on the Microsoft platform and need to keep their software up to date and properly configured.

Wrox Professional guides are planned and written by working technologists to meet the real-world needs of IT professionals. Focused and relevant, they address the issues technology professionals face every day. They provide examples, practical solutions, and expert education in new technologies, all designed to help IT professionals do a better job.

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