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Professional SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services is a serious reporting platform that delivers real business intelligence to
knowledge workers and business decision makers. It has the ability to render reports in many different
formats and also to execute those reports on demand, cache, archive, or automatically deliver them to
users. Whether you need reports to extend a custom desktop application, web site or a simple out-ofthe-
box reporting solution, Reporting Services can make it happen. The fact that Microsoft makes this
capability available as an extension to their flagship database product with no additional investment is
exciting news.

Whether you're a novice or an advanced-level programmer, you'll learn to create reports with the right
tools for the job. We start with the architecture of Reporting Services and learn about its foundation of
.NET and XML web services. You will learn how easy it is to design reports practically for any data
source. We cover the basics thoroughly and show you everything you need to get started, working
through the processes of report authoring, management, and delivery. You'll create dynamic, interactive
reports with drill-down and drill-through features. With the use of tables, groupings, subreports,
matrices, images, and charts, reports can be attractive and to-the point. You'll use the Report Manager to
configure and execute reports. Next, we'll extend the capabilities of advanced reports using .NET
programming code and custom expressions.

After several comprehensive exercises in report design, we will build custom viewing and management
tools for advanced reporting solutions. You'll learn to use objects in code and script to render reports,
create custom data processing extensions, and manage security and subscriptions. You'll learn how to
design and extend reports with the Report Definition Language (RDL).
Finally, we'll put all the pieces together and discuss designing complete solutions and deploying reports
and Reporting Services in your business environment. Five experienced authors have worked very hard
over several months to make this book a comprehensive tutorial and source of useful information. We
sincerely hope it will be a valuable addition to your reference library.
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