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Programming Clojure

Programming Clojure, 9781934356869 (1934356867), Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2012

Clojure is a powerful, general-purpose programming language. As such, this book is for experienced programmers looking for power and elegance. This book will be useful for anyone with experience in a modern programming language such as C#, Java, Python, or Ruby.

Clojure is built on top of the Java Virtual Machine, and it is fast. This book will be of particular interest to Java programmers who want the expressiveness of a dynamic language without compromising on performance.

Clojure is helping to redefine what features belong in a general-purpose language. If you program in Lisp, use a functional language such as Haskell, or write explicitly concurrent programs, you will enjoy Clojure. Clojure combines ideas from Lisp, functional programming, and concurrent programming and makes them more approachable to programmers seeing these ideas for the first time.

Clojure is part of a larger phenomenon. Languages such as Erlang, F#, Haskell, and Scala have garnered attention recently for their support of functional programming or their concurrency model. Enthusiasts of these languages will find much common ground with Clojure.

Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition is a significant update to the classic book on the Clojure language. You'll get thorough coverage of all the new features of Clojure 1.3, and enjoy reorganized and rewritten chapters that reflect the significance of new Clojure concepts. Many code examples have been rewritten or replaced, and every page has been reevaluated in the light of Clojure 1.3.

As Aaron and Stu show you how to build an application from scratch, you'll get a rich view into a complete Clojure workflow. And you'll get an invaluable education in thinking in Clojure as you work out solutions to the various parts of a problem.

Clojure is becoming the language of choice for many who are moving to functional programming or dealing with the challenges of concurrency. Clojure offers:

The simplicity of an elegantly designed language

The power of Lisp

The virtues of concurrency and functional style

The reach of the JVM

The speed of hand-written Java code

It's the combination of these features that makes Clojure sparkle. Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition shows you how to think in Clojure, and to take advantage of these combined strengths to build powerful programs quickly.

What You Need:

Oracle JDK 6

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