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Programming Mobile Devices: An Introduction for Practitioners


With forewords by Jan Bosch, Nokia and Antero Taivalsaari, Sun Microsystems.

Learn how to programme the mobile devices of the future!

The importance of mobile systems programming has emerged over the recent years as a new domain in software development. The design of software that runs in a mobile device requires that developers combine the rules applicable in embedded environment; memory-awareness, limited performance, security, and limited resources with features that are needed in workstation environment; modifiability, run-time extensions, and rapid application development.

Programming Mobile Devices is a comprehensive, practical introduction to programming mobile systems. The book is a platform independent approach to programming mobile devices: it does not focus on specific technologies, and devices, instead it evaluates the component areas and issues that are common to all mobile software platforms. This text will enable the designer to programme mobile devices by mastering both hardware-aware and application-level software, as well as the main principles that guide their design.

Programming Mobile Devices:

  • Provides a complete and authoritative overview of programming mobile systems.
  • Discusses the major issues surrounding mobile systems programming; such as understanding of embedded systems and workstation programming.
  • Covers memory management, the concepts of applications, dynamically linked libraries, concurrency, handling local resources, networking and mobile devices as well as security features.
  • Uses generic examples from JavaTM and Symbian OS to illustrate the principles of mobile device programming.

Programming Mobile Devices is essential reading for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, academic and industrial researchers in the field as well as software developers, and programmers.

About the Author

Tommi Mikkonen is a professor of software engineering at Tampere University of Technology. He has been the head of the Institute of Software Systems since 2002, and has been responsible for numerous research projects as well as supervised a number of thesis works. His research interests include DisCo, Practise, software evolution, mobile systems, distributed systems, software architectures, and aspect-oriented software development.

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