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Programming Scala (Animal Guide)

Programming Scala (Animal Guide), 9780596155957 (0596155956), O'Reilly, 2009
Learn how to be more productive with Scala, a new multi-paradigm language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that integrates features of both object-oriented and functional programming. With this book, you'll discover why Scala is ideal for highly scalable, component-based applications that support concurrency and distribution.

Programming Scala clearly explains the advantages of Scala as a JVM language. You'll learn how to leverage the wealth of Java class libraries to meet the practical needs of enterprise and Internet projects more easily. Packed with code examples, this book provides useful information on Scala's command-line tools, third-party tools, libraries, and available language-aware plugins for editors and IDEs.

  • Learn how Scala's succinct and flexible code helps you program faster
  • Discover the notable improvements Scala offers over Java's object model
  • Get a concise overview of functional programming, and learn how Scala's support for it offers a better approach to concurrency
  • Know how to use mixin composition with traits, pattern matching, concurrency with Actors, and other essential features
  • Take advantage of Scala's built-in support for XML
  • Learn how to develop domain-specific languages
  • Understand the basics for designing test-driven Scala applications

About the Author

Dean Wampler is a Consultant, Trainer, and Mentor with Object Mentor, Inc. He specializes in Scala, Java, and Ruby. He works with clients on application design strategies that combine object-oriented programming, functional programming, and aspect-oriented programming. He also consults on Agile methods, like Lean and XP. Dean is a frequent speaker at industry and academic conferences on these topics. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Washington.

Alex Payne is Platform Lead at Twitter, where he develops services that enable programmers to build atop the popular social messaging service. Alex has previously built web applications for political campaigns, non-profits, and early-stage startups, and supported information security efforts for military and intelligence customers. In his free time, Alex studies, speaks, and writes about the history, present use, and evolution of programming languages, as well as minimalist art and design.

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