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Psychopathology : Foundations for a Contemporary Understanding

Since 1990, more than thirty textbooks for undergraduate abnormal psychology courses have
been published. This count does not include revised editions of existing books. The same period
has seen the publication of numerous "handbooks" in psychopathology and psychiatry, which
are conceived primarily as reference books for clinical practitioners and researchers. What has
been missing is a true textbook of psychopathology for first-year graduate students in clinical
psychology, counseling psychology, and related fields. Our goal in creating this book was to
provide the "missing link" in the continuum. We designed content and coverage for a first-level
graduate course (or an advanced-level undergraduate course for exceptional students or those
who have already taken an entry-level undergraduate course in abnormal psychology). This
book was designed and written with students in mind. The length, organization, content, and
level and style of writing reflect this intention. We, the editors, are clinical psychologists with
a combined forty-five years of experience teaching doctoral students in clinical psychology.
The chapter authors are among the most distinguished researchers in the fields of clinical
psychology and psychopathology.
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