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pytest Quick Start Guide: Write better Python code with simple and maintainable tests


Learn the pytest way to write simple tests which can also be used to write complex tests

Key Features

  • Become proficient with pytest from day one by solving real-world testing problems
  • Use pytest to write tests more efficiently
  • Scale from simple to complex and functional testing

Book Description

Python's standard unittest module is based on the xUnit family of frameworks, which has its origins in Smalltalk and Java, and tends to be verbose to use and not easily extensible.The pytest framework on the other hand is very simple to get started, but powerful enough to cover complex testing integration scenarios, being considered by many the true Pythonic approach to testing in Python.

In this book, you will learn how to get started right away and get the most out of pytest in your daily work?ow, exploring powerful mechanisms and plugins to facilitate many common testing tasks. You will also see how to use pytest in existing unittest-based test suites and will learn some tricks to make the jump to a pytest-style test suite quickly and easily.

What you will learn

  • Write and run simple and complex tests
  • Organize tests in fles and directories
  • Find out how to be more productive on the command line
  • Markers and how to skip, xfail and parametrize tests
  • Explore fxtures and techniques to use them effectively, such as tmpdir, pytestconfg, and monkeypatch
  • Convert unittest suites to pytest using little-known techniques
  • Use third-party plugins

Who this book is for

This book is for Python programmers that want to learn more about testing. This book is also for QA testers, and those who already benefit from programming with tests daily but want to improve their existing testing tools.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing pytest
  2. Writing and running tests
  3. Markers and parametrization
  4. Fixtures
  5. Plugins
  6. Converting unittest suites to pytest
  7. Wrappin up
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