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Python: Create - Modify - Reuse

Python: Create - Modify - Reuse, 9780470259320 (0470259329), Wrox Press, 2008

Python: Create-Modify-Reuse

Aimed at all levels of Python developers who are interested in a task-based way of learning Python development, this hands-on book shows how you can efficiently use Python to create robust, real-world applications. After a brief primer on this object-oriented, interactive programming language, you will jump right into practical Python development so that you can create useful, streamlined scripts that are easy to maintain and enhance, and that you can immediately put to use in the real world.

Each chapter features a complete project that you can use as it currently exists or modify to suit your particular purposes. Among these projects you'll find applications that access databases, take advantage of web technologies, facilitate network communications, and more. Plus, you'll also explore more advanced topics such as accessing operating system resources, writing scripts that are easy to read and maintain, and debugging and testing. However, even more important than the technologies you will be introduced to, you will learn how to use Python to solve real challenges.

What you will learn from this book

  • The various technologies and techniques that are available to Python developers

  • Ways to communicate with an SQL database

  • Tips for acting as a web server or communicating with one

  • How to access and manipulate XML files

  • Techniques for building a content management system

  • Ways to access and communicate with your operating system

Who this book is for

This book is for developers who want to explore how to develop full-blown applications with Python. A general understanding of basic programming principles and object-oriented design is helpful.

Create – Modify – Reuse guides are packed with unique, ready-to-use projects that are perfect for the busy programmer. The projects are created with minimal set-up, and can be modified, enhanced, and reused in real-world situations.

About the Author

Jim Knowlton is a software quality engineer with Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Inc., where he leads quality assurance efforts on ADP ’ s computer telephony integration and network video projects. He has been instrumental in introducing automated testing methodologies to their QA effort. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the software industry, including clients such as Symantec, Novell, Nike, and Zions Bank. He has extensive experience in open - source technologies, including Python, Ruby, PHP, Apache, and MySQL, and has also worked extensively in the areas of systems management and enterprise security. Jim holds a bachelor of arts degree in management and is currently working on a master of software engineering degree at Portland State University.

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