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Qt 5 Projects: Develop cross-platform applications with modern UIs using the powerful Qt framework


Design, build, and deploy powerful applications with amazing user interfaces on embedded, mobile, and desktop platforms

Key Features

  • Easily compile, run, and debug your applications from the powerful Qt Creator IDE
  • Future-proof your applications with Qt Test and modern architecture principles
  • Build multi-platform projects that target Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and more

Book Description

Qt is a professional cross-platform application framework used across industries like automotive, medical, infotainment, wearables, and more. In this book you'll initially create a to-do style app by going via all stages for building a successful project. You'll learn basics of Qt's C++ and QML APIs, test-driven development with Qt Test, application architecture, and UIs with Qt Quick & Quick Controls 2.

Next, you'll help two startups build their products. The first startup, Cute Comics, wants to help independent comic creators with a suite of apps that let them experiment with comic pages, image composition, comic dialogues, and scene descriptions. While developing these apps you'll deepen your knowledge of Qt Quick's layout systems, and see Qt 3D and Widgets in action.

The second startup, Cute Measures, wants to create apps for industrial and agricultural sectors, to make sense of sensor data via a monitoring system. The apps should run seamlessly across devices and operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, and be cost-effective by integrating with existing web technologies. You take the role of lead developer and prototype the monitoring system. In doing so you'll get to know Qt's Bluetooth and HTTP APIs, as well as the Charts and Web Engine UI modules.

These projects will help you gain a holistic view of the Qt framework.

What you will learn

  • Learn the basics of modern Qt application development
  • Develop solid and maintainable applications with BDD, TDD, and Qt Test
  • Master the latest UI technologies and know when to use them: Qt Quick, Controls 2, Qt 3D and Charts
  • Build a desktop UI with Widgets and the Designer
  • Translate your user interfaces with QTranslator and Linguist
  • Get familiar with multimedia components to handle visual input and output
  • Explore data manipulation and transfer: the model/view framework, JSON, Bluetooth, and network I/O
  • Take advantage of existing web technologies and UI components with WebEngine

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers who want to successfully build and maintain cross-platform applications with advanced UI and connectivity features. Basic knowledge of C++ is required.

Table of Contents

  1. Write use cases and build a visual prototype
  2. Define a solid and testable app core
  3. Wire-in user interaction and deliver the final app
  4. Learn about components layout by making a page layout tool
  5. Create a scene composer to explore 3D capabilities
  6. Build an entity-aware text editor that helps with writing dialogues
  7. Send sensor readings to a device with a non-GUI app
  8. Build a mobile dashboard to display real-time sensor data
  9. Run a web service and display it with a desktop webapp
  10. Appendix: Additional and Upcoming Qt Features
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