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Rapid Application Development with Mozilla


A must-have read for anybody interested in learning to build sophisticated applications with the Mozilla application framework.—Mitchell Baker, President, The Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla has grown to become a powerful framework for building cutting-edge web applications. Rapid Application Development with Mozilla is an indispensable guide for developers of such applications.—Brendan Eich, Chief Architect, The Mozilla Foundation, and Creator of JavaScript

Far more than just a web browser, Mozilla is the platform of choice for today's application and web developer. An innovative blend of XML vocabularies, easy-to-use scripting languages, and pre-existing software objects, Mozilla is a powerful, standards-compliant platform whose functionality guarantees rapid application development (RAD).

In Rapid Application Development with Mozilla, web, XML, and Open Standards expert Nigel McFarlane explores Mozilla's revolutionary XML User interface Language (XUL) and its library of well over 1,000 pre-built objects. Using clear and concise instruction, McFarlane explains what companies such as AOL, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and others already know—that Mozilla and XUL are the keys to quickly and easily creating cross-platform, web-enabled applications. Coverage includes:

  • A detailed introduction to the fundamentals and capabilities of Mozilla
  • Full descriptions of Mozilla tools, including XUL, XBL, and XPCOM
  • The RDF data format and its interactions with XUL, including Listboxes, Chrome, Overlays, Trees, and Templates
  • Events, Forms, Menus, Navigation, and Commands using DOM, JavaScript™, and XUL
  • Tips for integration into Windows® and Mac® systems
  • A guide to deployment of finished applications
  • Hundreds of examples, screenshots, and code listings

An additional feature of Rapid Application Development with Mozilla is the NoteTaker Web browser add-on—a sample Mozilla application that is developed throughout the book. When installed in a browser it allows you to add notes to web pages—even pages on other people's web sites! It is a memory and commentary tool that enhances repeat visits to a given site. This simple application provides a real-world example of all technologies used in the book.

If you're an application programmer or a web developer and you're looking for a productive, state-of-the-art, cross-platform programming tool, then Rapid Application Development with Mozilla is essential reading.

About the Author

NIGEL MCFARLANE is a science and technology writer, analyst, and programmer. He is the author of many articles on Web, XML, JavaScript, and other technologies, and his work has appeared in periodicals such as DevX, The Sydney Morning Herald, and Builder.com. Nigel is also the author of Instant JavaScript and Professional JavaScript. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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