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Raspberry Pi Server Essentials


If you want to use Raspberry Pi as a server, this is the book that makes it all possible. Covering a wide range of projects - from network storage to a game server - you'll learn in easy, engaging steps.


  • Unlock the various possibilities of using Raspberry Pi as a server
  • Configure a media center for your home or sharing with friends
  • Connect to the Bitcoin network and manage your wallet

In Detail

Raspberry Pi makes a good server that facilitates you with eminently achievable to the massively ambitious ideas. It is a capable computer that can perform tasks that involve spreadsheets, word processing, and games. It also plays high-definition video. If you are looking for a way to set up a low cost web server, primarily to be used as a testing environment or to store files, then Raspberry Pi is perfect for you.

This book demonstrates Raspberry Pi's ability to perform tasks that a mini computer would, in an efficient manner using a minimum number of power resources. You can connect your Raspberry Pi to the Internet at home to share files, host multi-player games, or even host a website.

Starting with the pre-requisites and installation of Pi, you will learn how to setup Pi as a web server with MySQL. This book progresses with building Pi as a file server and knowing about using the various file transfer protocols. It also guides you to install Bitcoin/ Litecoin and set up Bitcoin wallet. You will learn how to stream a webcam to watch movies in HD or camera module.

Complete your journey by learning how to use Pi as a game server by using basic console commands to get graphical content.

What you will learn from this book

  • Use Raspberry Pi as a low cost network storage device
  • Configure a webserver using PHP and work with databases
  • Host multi-player games by using Pi as a game server to get graphical content
  • Share files and use hardware RAID on the Pi
  • Mine Bitcoins and make your own digital currency
  • Turn your Raspberry Pi into a media server to stream media to your network
  • Enable extra features such as installing a wireless adapter, enabling the hardware watchdog, and updating and upgrading the distro


This is an engaging, easy to follow guide for developing a wide range of server projects with Raspberry Pi

Who this book is written for

This book is targeted towards all Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who are interested in exploring the potential of Pi as a server. Even if you have no prior experience with the Raspberry Pi, you can pick up this book and develop a wide range of projects.

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