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Real-Time Java Platform Programming


Build powerful real-time Java platform applications.

  • The authoritative reference to the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ)—by one of its creators
  • Complete introduction to Java-based RT development—no real-time experience necessary
  • Covers scheduling, asynchronous transfer control, timers, non-heap memory, garbage collection, performance tradeoffs, program structure, and more

Written for experienced Java platform developers, this practical guide provides a solid grounding in real-time programming. Dibble, a member of the RTSJ expert group, starts with an overview of real-time issues unique to the Java platform. He then explains how to use each major feature of the RTSJ.

From broad real-time principles to detailed programming pitfalls, Real-Time Java Platform Programming covers everything you need to know to build effective RT programs. Key topics include:

  • Interoperability with non-RT code, tradeoffs in real-time development, and RT issues for the JVMtm software
  • Garbage collection, non-heap access, physical and "immortal" memory, and constant-time allocation of non-heap memory
  • Priority scheduling, deadline scheduling, and rate monotonic analysis
  • Closures, asynchronous transfer of control, asynchronous events, and timers

State-of-the-art information for RT developers:

  • Threads scheduling
  • Real-time scheduling
  • Raw memory access
  • Performance tradeoffs
  • Recommended practices
  • Implementation hints
  • Dozens of code examples and step-by-step walk-throughs
About the Author

PETER DIBBLE, a member of the team that created the Real-Time Specification for the Java platform, was also on the Microware Systems Corporation team that first ported the Sun Java platform to an embedded system and produced the first version of Personal Java technology for a commercial RTOS. He has over a decade's experience with real-time system software and is author of OS-9 Insights and The Complete Guide to OS-9.

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