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Resumes For Dummies

Resumes For Dummies, 9780470080375 (047008037X), For Dummies, 2007
Is your job search stalling out after you submit a resume but before you're offered an interview? With reinvented recruiting technology, unmanageable millions of resumes choking employer databases, and government mandates in the name of diversity, a gigantic change has occurred in the recruiting world over the past several years—and it demands a fresh look at how you write and market your resumes.

Whether you're entering the job market for the first time, changing jobs, or changing careers, Resumes for Dummies, 5th Edition will show you the ropes and rules for a new era in recruiting and job finding. With 85% new content added since the previous edition, this up-to-date guide gives you the very latest strategies on how to create, and more importantly, distribute your resume in today's new job search environment. You'll learn:

  • Why most generic online resumes fail
  • How to customize resumes for each job opening
  • New quick ways to find the right jobs
  • How to use meta search engines to your advantage
  • Why both digital and print versions of resumes are still needed
  • How to use resumes interactively
  • The resume basics that still knock 'em dead
  • How to create resumes for your life's changing phases
  • What to do after you send them your resume

With a wealth of sample resumes—organized by industry and career field, experience level and age, and special circumstances—along with tips on choosing professional resume help and other valuable resources, Resumes for Dummies, 5th Edition will help you get noticed in a universe saturated with billions of resumes and more on the way.

About the Author

Joyce Lain Kennedy is America’s first nationally syndicated careers columnist. Her twice-weekly column, CAREERS NOW, appears in newspapers and Web sites across the land. In her four decades of advising readers — young, senior, and in-between — Joyce has received millions of letters inquiring about career moves and job search and has answered countless numbers of them in print.

Joyce is the author of seven career books, including Joyce Lain Kennedy’s Career Book (McGraw-Hill), and Electronic Job Search Revolution, Electronic Resume Revolution, and Hook Up, Get Hired! The Internet Job Search Revolution (the last three published by Wiley). Resumes For Dummies is one of a trio of job market books published under Wiley’s wildly popular For Dummies branded imprint. The others are Cover Letters For Dummies and Job Interviews For Dummies.

Writing from a San Diego suburb, the country’s best-known careers columnist is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. Contact Joyce at jlk@sunfeatures.com.
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