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Reverse Engineering Code with IDA Pro


If you want to master the art and science of reverse engineering code with IDA Pro for security R&D or software debugging, this is the book for you. Highly organized and sophisticated criminal entities are constantly developing more complex, obfuscated, and armored viruses, worms, Trojans, and botnets. IDA Pros interactive interface and programmable development language provide you with complete control over code disassembly and debugging. This is the only book which focuses exclusively on the worlds most powerful and popular took for reverse engineering code.

*Reverse Engineer REAL Hostile Code with Dan Kaminsky
To follow along with this chapter, you must download a file called !DANGER!INFECTEDMALWARE!DANGER!... nuff said.

*Download the Code!
The companion Web site to this book offers up really evil code for you to reverse engineer and really nice code for you to automate tasks with the IDC Scripting Language.

*Portable Executable (PE) and Executable and Linking Formats (ELF)
Understand the physical layout of PE and ELF files, and analyze the components that are essential to reverse engineering.

*Break Hostile Code Armor and Write your own Exploits
Understand execution flow, trace functions, recover hard coded passwords, find vulnerable functions, backtrace execution, and craft a buffer overflow.

*Master Debugging
Debug in IDA Pro, use a debugger while reverse engineering, perform heap and stack access modification, and use other debuggers.

*Stop Anti-Reversing
Anti-reversing, like reverse engineering or coding in assembly, is an art form. The trick of course is to try to stop the person reversing the application. Find out how!

*Track a Protocol through a Binary and Recover its Message Structure
Trace execution flow from a read event, determine the structure of a protocol, determine if the protocol has any undocumented messages, and use IDA Pro to determine the functions that process a particular message.

*Develop IDA Scripts and Plug-ins
Learn the basics of IDA scripting and syntax, and write IDC scripts and plug-ins to automate even the most complex tasks.

About the Author

Dan Kaminsky is the Director of Penetration Testing for IOActive. Previously of Cisco and Avaya, Dan has been operating professionally in the security space since 1999. He is best known for his "Black Ops" series of talks at the well respected Black Hat Briefings conferences. He is also the only speaker who has attended and spoken at every single "Blue Hat" Microsoft internal training event. Dan focuses on design level fault analysis, particularly against massive-scale network applications. Dan regularly collects detailed data on the health of the worlwide Internet, and recently used this data to detect the worldwide proliferation of a major rootkit. Dan is one of the few individuals in the world to combine both technical expertise with executive level consulting skills and prowess.

Guest: If you are a seasoned IDA professional, I'd give this book a skip and wait for Chri's book that is going to come out this June (2008). But, if you are new to IDA, do read this books atleast once.
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