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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Access 2000 in 24 Hours

As a member of the Microsoft Office suite, Access 2000 is frequently deployed by users in need of immediate database solutions. Teach Yourself Access 2000 in 24 Hours helps the complete Access 2000 neophyte gain proficiency with this powerful--yet difficult-to-learn--data management tool.

Using Access effectively requires a general understanding of relational databases and how they work. Authors Craig Eddy and Timothy Buchanan open with discussions of these topics before explaining the techniques and procedures involved in working with your own data. The authors begin by describing how to use and modify tables, forms, and queries from preexisting Access databases. You'll also find more elaborate information on creating a new database (including tables, queries, forms, and reports). This book may not hold enough technical information for big-time Access application developers, but users will find some material on creating macros to ease your work.

Teach Yourself Access 2000 in 24 Hours deserves special praise for the attention it pays to the integration of Access 2000 with Microsoft SQL Server--an important topic that many books (even those written at a higher level than this one) ignore. Its stepped procedures are notable too, since the authors take time to explain the reasons for what they tell you to do.
--David Wall

Sams Teach Yourself Access 2000 in 24 Hours focuses on Access on the desktop, without the complication of adding client/server issues. You can easily pick this book up and start building and maintaining data within 24 hours. Learn to design and create databases using wizards or from scratch, as well as how to navigate Access 2000 with the new IE browser. You'll also learn to create forms, reports and queries, and integrate Access 2000 with other MS Office components to share data across the Office suite. Toward the end of the 24 Hours, basic security and maintenance techniques are addressed.

About the Authors
Craig Eddy works for Pipestream Technologies, Inc. where he is Program Manager for Pipestream’s
thin-client version of its popular customer information management software, Sales Continuum 98. Craig
resides in Richmond, VA, and can often be found surfing the Web or on the sands of the Outer Banks in
North Carolina. Craig can be reached via email at craig.eddy@cyberdude.com or via his Web page at
http://www.mindspring.com/~craig.eddey (sic).

Timothy Buchanan is a Senior Technical Consultant for Ware Consulting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He
has been developing with Microsoft Access since version 1.0, as well as helping Microsoft beta-test each new
version of Access and Office. He has developed many large-scale Access database applications for large
global corporations. Timothy was the co-author of Sams Teach Yourself Access 97 in 24 Hours, and is also
writing an introductory Peoplesoft book for Sams Publishing. Feel free to contact Timothy at
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