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SAS Guide to Report Writing: Examples

Sue Hakomaki Academic & Distributed Computing Services Office of Information Technology University of Minnesota
I found this book very user-friendly with simple examples to more detailed examples. Each featured option is explained clearly.

Jump-start your report-writing skills! Report writing has never been easier. Learn how you can easily avoid common report-writing pitfalls with SAS Guide to Report Writing: Examples, Second Edition. Updated for SAS9, this task-oriented book guides you through the steps that you need to produce professional reports. Using a wealth of easy-to-follow examples, this time-saving book demonstrates the many different styles of reports that are available and the SAS tools used to generate them. The examples enable more experienced programmers to quickly grasp new techniques, while margin notes and additional discussions provide novice users with the details that they need for effective learning. You can save programming hours by using the SAS programs as they are or as models for developing your own reports. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this must-have guide will strengthen your report-writing expertise and give you the tools that you need to enhance the power of your reports!

This book presents examples of SAS programs that solve many common reportwriting tasks. The examples range from simply listing the observations in a data set to computing summary statistics to creating customized reports with SAS DATA step statements to tailoring report output by including ODS features.

Each example includes the following information in this order:
  • a brief statement of the goal of the example
  • the report output
  • a table that lists the SAS code features found in the example
  • a description of the process to solve the report-writing task and a description of the data set that the example uses
  • the SAS program that creates the output with annotations of the code in the left margin
  • other ways of solving the same report-writing task (optional)
  • more detailed discussions of the special features of the example (optional)
About the Author
Michele M. Burlew, president of Episystems, Inc., designs and programs SAS applications for data management, data analysis, report writing, and graphics for academic and corporate clients. A SAS user since 1980, she has expertise in many SAS products and operating systems. Michele is the author of three other SAS Press books: Debugging SAS Programs: A Handbook of Tools and Techniques, Reading External Data Files Using SAS: Examples Handbook, and SAS Macro Programming Made Easy.
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