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Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))


Since the late 1990s, Internet marketing has taken off as a dynamic marketing channel because of its accuracy and how easily you can track traffic. The Internet has come a long way in a short time: As it grew, finding the sites you were looking for with a directory became impossible. Search engines appeared as the way forward, offering a way to bring the web to you. Savvy marketers began to realize any business that wanted to take advantage of the web needed to be on search engine results pages. Search engine optimization grew out of the need to develop pages in a way that tells search engines that your site offers the best content for a particular topic.

Search engine optimization isn’t a difficult discipline, but it is complex and has many different parts that you need to tweak and adjust so that they work in harmony. You aren’t chasing search engine algorithms. Instead, the goal of search engine optimization is simply to help you present your pages as the most relevant for a given search query. Resist the urge to assume that one part is more important than another. All the various aspects of SEO need to work together in order to succeed.

Ten minibooks cover all you need to know about search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential tool for getting a handle on web site promotional tactics and tools. With this complete reference, you'll explore issues not covered anywhere else, including international SEO, how to optimize servers for SEO, and much more. Ten separate books join forces to provide you with a comprehensive, straightforward guide to the benefits, details, and tricks of SEO.

Coverage devotes time to topics such as keyword strategy, competitive positioning, SEO web design, search marketing, and more. You'll also look at how search engines work and how to create content, link, optimize the foundations, and analyze results.

  • Details the capabilities and benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) for gauging the success of online promotional tactics and tools
  • Explains how search engines work, nuances of keyword strategy, how to deal with competitive positioning, and more
  • Walks you through working with SEO web design, creating content, linking, optimizing the foundations, and analyzing results
  • Touches on topics not covered anywhere else, including international SEO and optimizing servers for SEO

Search no further! This book is one-stop shopping for everything you need in order to start your engine and embrace the potential of SEO today.

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