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Secure Messaging with Microsoft  Exchange Server 2003


Get expert guidance to assess and help improve the security of your Exchange Server 2003 messaging systems. From risk assessment to implementation and auditing procedures, get critical guidance to help enhance the security of your messaging infrastructure. Written by a network security expert who works closely with the Microsoft Exchange Server team, this guide delivers essential information and advice to help protect your clients, servers, and communications channels. Discover how to use the security features available in the Exchange and Microsoft Windows environments to harden the underlying system configuration and create multiple layers of defense against viruses, worms, and other threats—helping you improve messaging integrity over e-mail and the Internet.

Discover how to:

  • Identify and assess threats and risks to your messaging systems
  • Install and configure Exchange to address security considerations
  • Choose appropriate security-related algorithms and protocols
  • Automate patch distribution and service-pack updates
  • Implement anti-spam features and content-filtering tools
  • Deploy multiple layers of virus defense—desktop, perimeter, and server
  • Employ system-monitoring and intrusion-detection tools and techniques
  • Create an Exchange-ready PKI and deploy Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access
  • Use POP and IMAP to enhance control of mailbox access
  • NEW—Get a list of questions to employ when performing a security audit
  • NEW—Implement security measures for roaming users and mobile devices
  • NEW—Review messaging-related legal issues in a chapter from former law professor William J. Friedman
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MPEG-7 Audio and Beyond: Audio Content Indexing and Retrieval
MPEG-7 Audio and Beyond: Audio Content Indexing and Retrieval
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Meetings with Remarkable Men (All and Everything)
Meetings with Remarkable Men (All and Everything)
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Distributed Network Systems : From Concepts to Implementations (Network Theory and Applications)
Both authors have taught the course of “Distributed Systems” for many years in the
respective schools. During the teaching, we feel strongly that “Distributed systems”
have evolved from traditional “LAN” based distributed systems towards “Internet
based” systems. Although there exist

JIRA 5.2 Essentials
JIRA 5.2 Essentials

Learn how to track bugs and issues, and manage your software development projects with JIRA


  • Learn how to set up JIRA for software development.
  • Effectively manage and handle software bugs and issues.
  • Includes updated JIRA content as well as coverage of the popular...
The Origins of Health and Disease
The Origins of Health and Disease

Some phenomena in medicine and psychology remain unexplained by current theory. Chronic fatigue syndrome, repetitive strain injury and irritable bowel syndrome, for example, are all diseases or syndromes that cannot be explained in terms of a physiological abnormality. In this intriguing book, Michael Hyland proposes that there is a currently...

Visualizing Information Using SVG and X3D
Visualizing Information Using SVG and X3D
This is the first book devoted to both SVG and X3D as a new and universal means of visualizing information. It presents the state-of-the-art research emerging in this novel area and introduces SVG and X3D fundamentals and leading authoring tools. The key topics covered include: - The foundations of SVG and X3D - Data, information, knowledge and...
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