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Security in Computing, Third Edition


Security in Computing, Third Edition systematically demonstrates how to control failures of confidentiality, integrity, and availability in applications, databases, operating systems, and networks alike.

This sweeping revision of the field's classic guide to computer security reflects today's entirely new generation of network- and Internet-based threats and vulnerabilities, and offers practical guidance for responding to them.

  • Updated to cover wireless security, intrusion detection, AES, DRM, biometrics, honeypots, online privacy, and more

  • Security in Internet-based, distributed, desktop and traditional centralized applications

  • New attacks, including scripted vulnerability probing, denial of service, and buffer overflows—with symptoms and cures

  • Clear, accessible introduction to cryptography—without sophisticated math

  • Up-to-the-minute explanations of digital signatures, certificates, and leading-edge quantum cryptography

  • Thoroughly revamped coverage of software engineering practices designed to enhance program security

  • Expanded coverage of risk management, contingency planning, and security policies

  • Detailed presentation of protection in general-purpose and trusted operating systems

  • Extensive pedagogical resources: end-of-chapter reviews and exercises, lists of key terms, and authoritative references

Exceptionally clear and easy to understand, the book covers not only technical issues, but also law, privacy, ethics, and the physical and administrative aspects of security.

Guest: Probably the greatest security book
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Web-Based Applications in Healthcare and Biomedicine (Annals of Information Systems)
Web-Based Applications in Healthcare and Biomedicine (Annals of Information Systems)

This proposed Special Issue in AoIS will present studies from leading researchers and practitioners focusing on current challenges, directions, trends, and opportunities associated with healthcare organizations and their strategic use of Web-enabled technologies. Healthcare and biomedical organizations are undergoing major transformations to...

Unity 5 Game Optimization
Unity 5 Game Optimization

Master performance optimization for Unity3D applications with tips and techniques that cover every aspect of the Unity3D Engine

About This Book

  • Optimize CPU cycles, memory usage, and GPU throughput for any Unity3D application
  • Master optimization techniques across all Unity Engine features...
Numerical Methods for the Life Scientist: Binding and Enzyme Kinetics Calculated with GNU Octave and MATLAB
Numerical Methods for the Life Scientist: Binding and Enzyme Kinetics Calculated with GNU Octave and MATLAB

Enzyme kinetics, binding kinetics and pharmacological dose-response curves are currently analyzed by a few standard methods. Some of these, like Michaelis-Menten enzyme kinetics, use plausible approximations, others, like Hill equations for dose-response curves, are outdated. Calculating realistic reaction schemes requires numerical...

Introduction to Neural Computing
Introduction to Neural Computing

Since the first edition of this book was published, much has happened in the field of neural networks. The authors reflect these changes by updating and introducing material on new developments including neurocontrol, pattern analysis and dynamic systems. This book should be useful for undergraduate students of neural networks.

vi Editor Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly))
vi Editor Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly))

For many users, working in the UNIX environment means using vi, a full-screen text editor available on most UNIX systems. Even those who know vi often make use of only a small number of its features.The vi Editor Pocket Reference is a companion volume to O'Reilly's updated sixth edition of Learning the vi Editor,...

Hadoop Beginner's Guide
Hadoop Beginner's Guide

Get your mountain of data under control with Hadoop. This guide requires no prior knowledge of the software or cloud services - just a willingness to learn the basics from this practical step-by-step tutorial.


  • Learn tools and techniques that let you approach big data with relish and not...
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