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Selling Your Business For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)

A hands-on tool for conducting the successful, profitable sale of a business

As business owners gray, trends have shown that they start thinking of cashing out. Selling Your Business For Dummies gives readers expert tips on every aspect of selling a business, from establishing a realistic value to putting their business on the market to closing the deal. It helps them create sound exit plans, find and qualify, find and qualify a buyer, conduct a sale negotiation, and successfully transition the business to a new owner. The accompanying CD is packed with useful questionnaires, worksheets, and forms for prospective sellers, as well as a blueprint for customizing and assembling information into business sale presentation materials sale presentation materials --including snapshots of revenue and profit history, financial condition, market conditions, brand value, competitive arena, growth potential, confidentiality agreements, and other information that supports the sale price.

Get your business into sale-ready shape and conduct a successful, profitable negotiation

Want to sell your business? This hands-on guide gives you expert tips on every step of the process, from establishing a realistic value and putting your business on the market to finding qualified buyers and closing the deal. You'll see how to get the highest possible price and successfully transition your business to the new owner.

  • Get ready to close up shop — determine your readiness to sell, explore your sale options, and assemble a team of pros to help

  • Package your business for a sale — compile financial records, update your business and marketing plans, and prepare your sale memorandum

  • Navigate the sale process — launch your advertising strategy, screen prospective buyers, negotiate offers, and make counter-offers

  • Do your homework, or due diligence — prepare all paperwork, assess your buyer's finances and reputation, structure the financial and tax issues, and protect your personal interests

  • Shake hands and pass the baton — make closing arrangements, understand key closing forms, announce the sale, and support the new owner

Open the book and find:

  • Tips for pricing and presenting your business

  • Advice for targeting and evaluating potential buyers

  • Ways to craft a powerful sales pitch

  • Keys for improving your business prior to sale

  • Approaches for financing your sale

  • Ten deal-killers to avoid

  • Business marketplace trends and truths

About the Author

Barbara Findlay Schenck is the author of four For Dummies books, including Business Plans Kit For Dummies, 2nd Edition and Branding For Dummies. The founder of an advertising agency, Barbara has spent more than two decades helping businesses start, grow, market, and brand their companies. John Davies, CEO of Sunbelt, contributed expert advice for this book.

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