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Sensor Network Operations

Sensor Network Operations, 9780471719762 (0471719765), John Wiley & Sons, 2006

Designing and operating sensor networks, featuring leading researchers and the latest, yet unpublished findings

Sensor Network Operations introduces mission-oriented sensor networks as distributed dynamic systems of interacting sensing devices, which function as a network to execute complex real-time missions. Rapidly developing and much in demand, these smart systems offer novel solutions to problems arising in national security, intelligent transportation, industrial production, scientific research, and other arenas.

A comprehensive look at the current state of the science, as well as a useful toolbox for developing specific applications, Sensor Network Operations begins with the requirements presented by real-world tasks, then shows how these translate into operational algorithms and sensor applications. This logical flow points the way towards the design of practical sensor networks for dependable operations.

The coverage is presented in three parts:

  • Part I, Sensor Network Operations Overview discusses the motivation and structure of the book, lays out the background on sensor platforms and mission-oriented sensor networks, and introduces important trends in sensor development
  • Part II, Sensor Network Design and Operations offers many specific algorithms for controlling sensor networks. Specific topics covered include sensor deployment, self-organization, and localization; mobility and navigation; lower-layer protocols; routing; power management; distributed sensing and data gathering; and network security
  • Part III, Sensor Network Applications presents several sensor network applications and illustrates how sensor networks may be used. These include pursuer-evader tracking in sensor networks; embedded soft sensing in mobile robotic networks; multi-sensor network-based framework for video surveillance; context-sensing wearable systems; multiple bit stream image transmission over wireless sensor networks; and noise-adaptive networks for vehicle tracking

Sensor Network Operations offers an eminently useful introduction of this exciting, emerging field for students, as well as an essential reference for researchers and other practitioners developing, deploying, and operating sensor networks.

About the Author

Dr. Shashi Phoha was the Guest Editor of IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Special Issue on Mission-Oriented Sensor Networks. She is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University and the head of the Information Sciences and Technology Division of its Applied Research Laboratory. In 2004, she was appointed as the Director of the Information Technology Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. She has held senior positions in industry, academia, and government research labs and led major research programs in surveillance sensor networks and Sensor IT for military sensor networks.

Dr. Thomas La Porta is the Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. He received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from The Cooper Union, New York, and his PhD degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University, New York. He joined the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Penn State in 2002 as a full professor. He is Director of the Networking Research Center at Penn State.

Christopher Griffin holds a master's degree in mathematics from Penn State and is currently finishing his PhD there. Mr. Griffin has worked as a research engineer at the Information Science and Technology Division of Penn State Applied Research Laboratory for the last six years on several DARPA and/or Army Research Laboratory–sponsored programs.

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