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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Governance for the Services Driven Enterprise


A must-have for all companies undertakingservice-oriented architecture (SOA) governance

As SOA interest and adoption have accelerated rapidly, the challenges of governance have risen to the forefront across the entire industry. Without an SOA governance model, SOA adoption is stilted and hampered by a lack of engagement with key enterprise stakeholders.

Service-Oriented Architecture Governance for the Services Driven Enterprise provides a universal governance model design framework that will apply to any enterprise governance challenge—corporate governance, IT governance, enterprise architecture governance, portfolio management, or PMO governance—and helps you establish a process for building your own enterprise SOA governance model.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in software and technology services, author and industry expert Eric Marks discusses:

  • The SOA governance imperative
  • Why apply an SOA governance reference model?

  • An overview of major enterprise governance processes and their relationship to SOA governance

  • How to organize your SOA governance toolkit

  • A universal enterprise SOA governance model design framework

  • New perspectives on SOA policies and policy enforcement mechanisms

  • Governance organizational designs, structural models, and governance board best practices

  • An overview of SOA governance enabling technology and industry standards

  • Services life-cycle governance approaches and best practices

  • Creating the right organizational, cultural, and behavioral model

  • A cutting-edge view of the future of governance, leveraging experiences from open source, the Internet, and more

Many companies fail to create an integrated vision for how business processes should work across the enterprise. Service-Oriented Architecture Governance for the Services Driven Enterprise is a pragmatic road map for any company seeking to implement SOA to leverage profitability and growth.

About the Author

ERIC A. MARKS is President and CEO of AgilePath Corporation, a leading vendor-independent Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) management-consulting firm. He is a software and technology veteran with twenty-one years of experience with firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cambridge Technology Partners, Novell, Electronic Data Systems, StreamServe, Ontos, and Square D/Schneider Electric. Mr. Marks is the author of two industry-recognized SOA books including Service-Oriented Architecture: A Planning and Implementation Guide for Business and Technology and Executive's Guide to Web Services. Mr. Marks also wrote Business Darwinism: Evolve or Dissolve, and edited and contributed to Manufacturing Leadership through the Extended Enterprise. Mr. Marks serves on the Advisory Board for Syracuse University's top-ranked School of Information Studies, as well as being an Adjunct Professor. Mr. Marks also serves on the National Board of Advisors for the Kauffman Campus-Community Entrepreneurship Initiative.

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