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Shoot Like a Pro! Digital Photography Techniques


Special color section: 35 secrets the pros know!

Take your digital photography to the next level with help from this wonderfully written guidebook. Best-selling author Julie Adair King shows you the secrets that professional photographers use to capture memorable portraits, spectacular nature and travel images, and eye-catching product shots. You'll find out how to take full advantage of your digital camera's features, from exposure controls to resolution options, and learn techniques that will help you get a perfect picture every time--even in difficult lighting and other challenging situations!

  • Discover the best camera settings to use for different photographic projects
  • Gain control over exposure, focus, color, and contrast with traditional filters and digital tools
  • Find out how to take better close-ups, panoramic images, nighttime pictures, and action shots
  • Improve your pictures with easy lighting techniques
  • Learn the secrets to shooting glass, metal, and other reflective subjects
  • Build a home or office studio using affordable alternatives to high-priced professional equipment
  • Save money by taking portraits and product shots yourself instead of hiring a professional photographer
  • Learn to identify beautiful compositions in everyday scenes
  • Make great, long-lasting prints and prepare pictures for a Web page or an online album
About the Author

Julie Adair King (Indianapolis, IN) is the best-selling author of numerous popular books about digital photography and image-editing, including Digital Photography For Dummies, John Wiley and Sons, first published in 1997; (the fourth edition published September 2002), Adobe PhotoDeluxe For Dummies, IDG Books Worldwide, 1998, and Adobe PhotoDeluxe 4 For Dummies, 2000. King has been a guest on many nationally syndicated and local radio and televisions shows, including The Vicki Lawrence Show, Computer America, and ZDTV’s nightly news report. In addition, she has been interviewed by local newspapers as well as national publications such as Home Office Computing, Cosmopolitan, and Mademoiselle.
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