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Six Sigma Business Scorecard : Creating a Comprehensive Corporate Performance Measurement System

Ensuring growth and profitability through performance




"Great book! The readers should keep their highlighters handy for they will find many points that they will want to remember." -- H. James Harrington, Ph.D., Author of Business Process Improvement


"Praveen Gupta provides a new framework by merging two powerful performance improvement processes, Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard, to create The Six Sigma Business Scorecard." -- A. William Wiggenhorn, Chief Learning Officer, CIGNA


"Not many companies have adopted Six Sigma and for good reason: It's a demanding and difficult task. In this book Gupta puts into perspective what for many has been an exercise mired in statistics. For those who succeed in implementing Six Sigma, however, the payoff is huge and this book makes that endeavor realizable." -- Mike Buetow, Editor in Chief, Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture magazine


"The Six Sigma Business Scorecard is a powerful way of measuring and insuring success in today's dynamic environment. Based on the proven methodology of Six Sigma, this book is packed with insights that guarantee superior results for any organization." -- Frank Brletich, President and CEO of the Centre for Strategic Management--Chicago, LLC


"Gupta’s Six Sigma Business Scorecard is just what a corporation needs to complement its Quality Management System. This book has opened my eyes to what I should be doing as a manager to help my company reach its highest potential." -- Tom Brickey, Quality Manager, Durex Industries


Six Sigma has become widely recognized as the most effective tool available to improve business performance and profitability. While numerous other resources cover basic Six Sigma implementation, Six Sigma Business Scorecard is the first to explore the most critical element of its improvement methodology: performance measurements.


Without a strong grasp of performance metrics, a company can have no clear, quantitative indication of its quality improvement. Six Sigma Business Scorecard offers a unique approach to measuring performance. Readers will learn how to track their improvements in quality and profitability -- and make critical adjustments if such improvements are not up to expectations -- while implementing Six Sigma.


Written by a longstanding practitioner and a pioneer of Six Sigma methodology, this much-needed guidebook delivers a comprehensive performance measurement strategy allowing you to reap -- and quantify -- the many advantages of Six Sigma. You'll benefit from:

* Key performance metrics for companies already using Six Sigma, to determine their sigma level
* A well-defined measurement system, that builds on the "Balanced Scorecard," for use throughout a corporation
* Business Performance Index (BPIn), specifically designed for CEOs, monitor corporate wellness with ease
* A methodology for effective implementation at all levels in a corporation


No matter if your company is involved with Six Sigma -- or if you want to realize its advantages for the first time -- Six Sigma Business Scorecard will show you how to implement a successful and a measurable Six Sigma program.

About the Author
Praveen Gupta has been president of Quality Technology Company since 1989. Mr. Gupta was present at the origin of Six Sigma and taught Six Sigma at Motorola University for more than a decade. His first project was completed in 1988 and saved his company more than $250,000, earning him a prestigious CEO Award. Mr. Gupta wrote a monthly column, Mastering Six Sigma,, and co-authored the popular Six Sigma Deployment He holds a BSEE from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India, and an MSEE degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He is also a Master Six Sigma Black Belt and a Fellow of the American Society for Quality.
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