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Software Architect Bootcamp (2nd Edition)

The completely updated "field manual" for becoming a better software architect!

The crucial skills you need to survive and thrive as an enterprise software architect! Fully updated for the latest techniques-from lightweight methods and architectural layers to Model-Driven Architecture and UML 2.0!

In this book, Raphael Malveau and Thomas J. Mowbray share up-to-the-minute insights and practical solutions for all the key challenges of building enterprise software systems with objects, components, and Internet technologies. You'll master today's best technical and business practices for the entire project lifecycle as you discover how to avoid crucial pitfalls and costly errors. Coverage includes:

  • Choosing the right architectural model for your project
  • Executing heavyweight and lightweight approaches to software architecture
  • Understanding the architectural issues associated with open source development
  • Managing complexity, scalability, reliability, security, latency, and flexibility
  • Making the most of abstraction, refactoring, and architectural prototyping
  • Leveraging proven design patterns and anti-patterns
  • Effective prototyping, business-case development, and project leadership
  • Coordinating smoothly with project managers and teams
  • Managing your own career as a software architect

With hands-on exercises, real-life war stories, and a take-no-prisoners attitude, Software Architect Bootcamp, Second Edition, won't just help you become a great software architect: it'll help you become a true technical leader of your organization.

About the Author

RAPHAEL MALVEAU, a software architect and consultant based in Alexandria, VA, currently serving as Technical Director for SRA International working to modernize several mission-critical enterprise systems in the Federal government. Previously, as Chief Scientist and Strategic Architect at both startup and major established IT companies, he engineered advanced component architecture best practices that led to the creation of several industry-leading software products.

DR. THOMAS J. MOWBRAY is the Chairman of the Component Management Group and Founding Board member of the Worldwide Institute of Software Architects. He is the author of four books on distributed components and software architecture.

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