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Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java

 Partha Kuchana is an experienced enterprise systems architect. He understands that patterns are not about things that are just good ideas, but that patterns are about capturing knowledge bred from experience. This hard-won knowledge is what Partha is sharing with readers of his book. Here are some of the things I really like about what he has to say.

The book presents 42 design patterns, which include the 23 GoF patterns. These patterns are categorized as follows:

 7 Basic patterns
 5 Creational patterns
 4 Collectional patterns
11 Structural patterns
11 Behavioral patterns
 4 Concurrency patterns

The discussion of each pattern includes an example implemented in Java. Further, the source code for all examples is found on the following Web site for this book: http://www.crcpress.com/e_products/downloads/download.asp. The source code and the easily understood examples make this format work well.

Partha takes complex material and clearly explains the ideas so they are easy-to-understand, an important consideration for both the novice encountering the material for the first time and the experienced developer who quickly wants to extract the important bits for immediate use. Each pattern discussion also includes Practice Questions for exactly that — your own use to improve your skills or, if this book were to be chosen as a text, to help the time-pressured instructor.

 Partha takes the time to compare and contrast the patterns. For example, in the discussion on the Mediator pattern, a table shows similarities and differences between Mediator and Facade. The reader will find that this analysis leads to a clearer understanding than simply trying to focus on each pattern in isolation. The text also includes consideration of relationships between patterns. For example, in the discussion on the Mediator pattern there is a reference to a previous design example for the Command pattern.

 Finally, at the end of the book, the reader will be happy to find a case study that pulls some of the patterns together to illustrate how a more complicated problem would be tackled and how the patterns work together. As those who have studied the work of Christopher Alexander realize—patterns are not applied in isolation but collaborate within a specific domain to address large and small problems.

It has been ten years since the GoF book was published. A lot of patterns have been identified and captured in that time. A lot of patterns books have been written. This book is like the GoF book, a catalog; probably not one you will read cover-to-cover in a single setting, but which will find a place on your bookshelf. Keep it handy for all those “How do I do this in Java?” questions where you wish you had an expert in the office next door to provide answers.
This book is the next best thing.
Linda Rising
Phoenix, AZ
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