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Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010 (Microsoft .NET Development Series)


AS A PROCES S IMPROVEMENT professional, I have experienced many team challenges. Big challenges. It is not unusual to see teams that seem so perfectly compatible start in excitement only to fizzle in different directions and end up not working together. Products suffer, customers suffer, and ultimately relationships suffer. When Microsoft introduced a new set of tools to help ensure quality applications and bring teams together in an evolutionary way, I was at first skeptical, but not now.


Use Visual Studio 2010’s Breakthrough Testing Tools to Improve Quality Throughout the Entire Software Lifecycle


Together, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Visual Studio Test Professional 2010, Lab Management 2010, and Team Foundation Server offer Microsoft developers the most sophisticated, well-integrated testing solution they’ve ever had. Now, Microsoft MVP and VS testing guru Jeff Levinson shows exactly how to use Microsoft’s new tools to save time, reduce costs, and improve quality throughout the entire development lifecycle.


Jeff demonstrates how Microsoft’s new tools can help you finally overcome long-standing communication, coordination, and management challenges. You’ll discover how to perform first-rate functional testing; quickly create and execute tests and record the results with log files and video; and create bugs directly from tests, ensuring reproducibility and eliminating wasted time. Levinson offers in-depth coverage of Microsoft’s powerful new testing metrics, helping you ensure traceability all the way from requirements through finished software.


Coverage includes


•    Planning your tests using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM)

•    Creating test settings, structuring test cases, and managing the testing process

•    Executing manual tests with Microsoft Test Manager and Test Runner

•    Filing and resolving bugs, and customizing your bug reporting process

•    Automating test cases and linking automated tests with requirements

•    Executing automated test cases through both Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager

•    Integrating automated testing into the build process

•    Using Microsoft’s Lab Management virtualization platform to test applications, snapshot environments, and reproduce bugs

•    Implementing detailed metrics for evaluating quality and identifying improvements


Whether you’re a developer, tester, manager, or analyst, this book can help you significantly improve the way you work and the results you deliver—both as an individual right now, and as a team member throughout your entire project.

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