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Software That Sells : A Practical Guide to Developing and Marketing Your Software Project

Purchasing this book could change your future
  • Recognize a good idea and gauge its chances
  • Analyze and research your market
  • Learn what investors look for in a business venture
  • Make your planning pay
  • Pick a winning team
  • Know when to reach for ready-mades
  • Effectively deal with blocks to success
  • Keep the process on schedule
  • Work within your budget
  • Learn from winners
  • Control the product launch
  • Discover the secrets of keeping customers
  • Hang on to your hard-earned profits
  • Plan for future growth

Creating successful software looks easy, and that is its initial appeal for many who attempt to do it. In truth, very few individuals who start off with a really bright idea ever reach the finish line successfully. The reason is simple– until now, no one had a logical road map to follow.

Written by one of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the era of the Internet, this book steers you around the classic pitfalls. Ed Hasted explains what successful software pioneers have discovered, and how you too can overcome the many stumbling blocks.

You don't have to be a conceptual genius, programmer, accountant, researcher, statistician, manager, designer, marketer, and award-winning salesman combined to reach your goals. You just need to know which bits of professional wisdom should be used at each stage.

Read this book as you begin your journey to software success. It will turn a complex process into common sense.

About the Author
Ed Hasted has worn most of the T-shirts in computing. He was introduced to his first computer in the days before PCs were delivered by the postman. Having completed a course in Engineering Mathematics at Bristol University in England, he went on to become the youngest PC dealer in the U.K. The firm soon grew to supply hardware to almost all of the country’s government departments.
At the start of the 1990s, Ed set up a communications software house to write e-mail and groupware, pioneering the use of the Internet. The software was implemented by companies of every size. It was one of the first products to be sold electronically online. Ed saw products through from inception to release, brought in 80 percent of the sales, and pioneered the use of teleworkers. On a roll in the late 1990s, he sold out to a U.S. corporation.
Since then, he’s worked for Wang, helped run some of the largest networks in Europe, organized the system builds for London’s Metropolitan Police Department, and instigated best practices in Internet Operations.

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