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Solaris 9 Sun Certified System Administrator Study Guide


Here’s the book you need to prepare for Sun’s Solaris 9 System Administrator Exams. This Study Guide provides:

  • Assessment testing to focus and direct your studies
  • In-depth coverage of all official exam objectives

Authoritative coverage of all exam objectives, including:

  • Installation planning and software management
  • Understanding file and directory concepts
  • Managing patches and shells
  • Performing system boot procedures
  • Managing user and security administration
  • Handling network printers and system processes
  • Developing system backups strategies and restores
  • Using and configuring network files and implementing server processes
  • Managing virtual file systems, core dumps, and storage volumes
  • Controlling access and configuring system messaging
  • Implementing naming services
  • Performing advanced installation procedures
  • Using and troubleshooting a JumpStart server
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