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SonarQube in Action

SonarQube in Action, 9781617290954 (1617290955), Manning Publications, 2013


SonarQube in Action shows developers how to use the SonarQube platform to help them continuously improve their source code. The book presents SonarQube's core Seven Axes of Quality: design/architecture, duplications, comments, unit tests, complexity, potential bugs, and coding rules. You'll find simple, easy-to-follow discussion and examples as you learn to integrate SonarQube into your development process.

About the Technology

SonarQube is a powerful open source tool for continuous inspection, a process that makes code quality analysis and reporting an integral part of the development lifecycle. Its unique dashboards, rule-based defect analysis, and tight build integration result in improved code quality without disruption to developer workflow. It supports many languages, including Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, and JavaScript.

About the Book

SonarQube in Action teaches you how to effectively use SonarQube following the continuous inspection model. This practical book systematically explores SonarQube's core Seven Axes of Quality (design, duplications, comments, unit tests, complexity, potential bugs, and coding rules). With well-chosen examples, it helps you learn to use SonarQube's review functionality and IDE integration to implement continuous inspection best practices in your own quality management process.

The book's Java-based examples translate easily to other development languages. No prior experience with SonarQube or continuous delivery practice is assumed

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

What's Inside

  • Gather meaningful quality metrics
  • Integrate with Ant, Maven, and Jenkins
  • Write your own plugins
  • Master the art of continuous inspection

About the Authors

Ann Campbellb and Patroklos Papapetrou are experienced developers and team leaders. Both actively contribute to the SonarQube community.

Table of Contents

  1. An introduction to SonarQube
  2. Issues and coding standards
  3. Ensuring that your code is doing things right
  4. Working with duplicate code
  5. Optimizing source code documentation
  6. Keeping your source code files elegant
  7. Improving your application design
  8. Planning a strategy and expanding your insight
  9. Continuous Inspection with SonarQube
  10. Letting SonarQube drive code reviews
  11. IDE integration
  12. Security: users, groups, and roles
  13. Rule profile administration
  14. Making SonarQube fit your needs
  15. Managing your projects
  16. Writing your own plugins
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