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Source Code China: The New Global Hub of IT (Information Technology) Outsourcing

Source Code China

The New Global Hub of IT Outsourcing

Welcome to the new technology outsourcing services industry reality: China!

The factors that point to a country's potential and success as an outsourcing destination inevitably lead to the one country that is rapidly becoming the new hub for IT outsourcing—China.

Most business executives and international business leaders do not realize the benefits that outsourcing to China has.These include:

  • The largest pool of annual computer sciences and software graduate talent

  • More than a decade of sustained economic growth and a stable outlook

  • World-class infrastructure and networks

  • Expanding English and foreign-language capability

  • Government commitment to the high-tech industry

  • Stringent enforcement of IPR protection and data security

  • Steady expansion of companies into China as their core business strategic market

How will your business leverage this new technological landscape? Source Code China considers this paradigm shift and examines how China became the new global and strategic technology outsourcing leader.

Challenging the conventional outsourcing destinations and wisdom, author Cyrill Eltschinger, an industry pioneer and outsourcing expert with more than a decade of experience working in China, reveals how your company can gain a competitive edge from China's technology leadership. He shares strategies for success, important lessons learned, and practical advice for today's multinational executive in search for excellence.

Win the global outsourcing race—learn why China is the clear choice for your business' leading source of offshoring technology talent. Source Code China provides you with the competitive edge to prepare your business for the new reality of the global technology landscape.

About the Author

Cyrill Eltschinger is CEO of I.T. UNITED, a strategic outsourcing firm that specializes in tailor-made technology solutions and staff augmentation IT services. The company today is one of the most trusted China-based outsourcing services providers, delivering cost-effective IT solutions to clients inside and outside China. He currently serves as Chairman of SwissCham China (Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce), is an industry subject expert for the Gerson Lehrman Group Technology Council, and is an advisor to several China government agencies. He is an avid aviator and was the first foreigner to be awarded a private pilot's license in China since 1949.

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