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Special Edition Using Microsoft Expression Web 2

Special Edition Using Microsoft® Expression® Web 2


The only EXPRESSION WEB 2 book you need


The successor to the best-selling book on the first release of Microsoft Expression Web, this book provides comprehensive coverage of Microsoft Expression Web 2. You’ll learn the basics of Web design and Expression Web 2 and gain valuable insight into Expression Web 2’s advanced features, such as ASP.NET and PHP development. If you’re interested in learning how to design standards-compliant Web sites using Expression Web 2, this is the only book you need.


     •    Create standards-compliant Web sites with Expression Web 2 that work consistently in all browsers.

     •    Become proficient in the use of CSS by learning how to use the powerful CSS tools in Expression Web 2.

     •    Learn how to take advantage of ASP.NET and ASP.NET AJAX without writing any code.

     •    Learn how to use the new PHP features available in Expression Web 2.

     •    Add dynamic, interactive content with Behaviors and Layers.

     •    Design your Web site for accessibility using both Section 508 and WCAG compliance.

About the Author

Jim Cheshire is the owner of Jimco Software and Books and is the author of several Web design books. In his real job, Jim works as an escalation engineer at Microsoft on the ASP.NET and IIS teams. He has worked on the FrontPage, Visual Basic, ASP, IIS, and ASP.NET teams at Microsoft over the past 10 years.


You can reach Jim by visiting one of his web sites, www.jimcobooks.com or www.jimcosoftware. com.

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