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Spring Python 1.1

Spring Python 1.1, 9781849510660 (1849510660), Packt Publishing, 2010

Spring Python captures the concepts of the Spring Framework and Spring Security and brings them to the world of Python and provides many functional parts to assemble applications. Spring Python is all about using the many useful features of Spring to the fullest and making these features available when working with Python.

Get to grips with all of the concepts of Spring and apply these to the language and environment of Python to develop powerful applications for your own personal requirements. The book provides an introduction to Spring Python and steadily takes you towards the advanced features that this integration has to offer.

Spring uses the Java programming language. Spring Python, the first Spring extension to go live, allows developers to make maximum use of Spring features in Python. This book starts off by introducing each of the core building blocks of Spring Python using real code examples and high-level diagrams. It explores the various concepts of Spring Python with the help of examples and case studies and focuses on vital Spring Python features to make the lives of Python and Java developers simple. The early chapters cover simple applications with simple operations including data access, and then subsequent chapters scale up to multi-node, secured, transactional applications stopping short of very advanced level complexity.

This book will help you to scale your applications without having to add unnecessary complexity

What you will learn from this book

  • Use the most advanced Inversion of Control or Dependency Injection container for Python
  • Quickly write SQL queries without having to manage the connections
  • Plug-in raw SQL without having to learn another query language
  • Find out how to scale your application by spreading your components across multiple machines
  • Link Python and Java components together with little effort through the power of Python
  • Learn how to add security to your Python application without breaking the bank
  • Utilize sophisticated database transactions without rewriting your application
  • Configure database or LDAP-based Spring Security for your Python application
  • Split your single-node application into a multi-node, scalable application with minimal changes
  • Discover how to use Spring Python's command-line utility and write your own plugin
  • See how all the blocks work together in the case studies-filled with code samples, screenshots, and high-level diagrams


The book is an introduction to Spring Python. It starts with simple practical applications, moving on to more advanced applications with two advanced case studies at the end of the book. It is packed with screenshots, examples, and ready-to-use code making it very suitable for a beginner while also showing tactics and concepts suitable for the most experienced developers. Each chapter starts with a simple problem to solve, and then dives into how Spring Python provides the solution with step-by-step code samples. Along the way, screenshots and diagrams are used to show critical parts of the solution. The case studies start off with a handful of use cases, and then proceed step-by-step to incrementally develop features. Some use cases are left to the reader to implement as an exercise. Key problems discovered along the way are exposed and then solved, giving the reader the chance to solve them, or to read the author's solutions.

Who this book is written for

This book is for Python developers who want to take their applications to the next level, by adding/using parts that scale their application up, without adding unnecessary complexity. It is also helpful for Java developers who want to mix in some Python to speed up their coding effort.

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