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SQL for Dummies

SQL for Dummies, 9780764540752 (0764540750), For Dummies, 2003
Discover how SQL:2003 handles images, XML files, and more

Use SQL to build databases, keep them safe, and access their information

Relationships are everything, especially when it comes to databases – so if you work with them, form a relationship with this book. It helps you use SQL to build databases, protect them from corruption, store and retrieve what you need, handle nonrelational data, and even swap information with nondatabase applications using XML.

The Dummies Way

  • Explanations in plain English
  • "Get in, get out" information
  • Icons and other navigational aids
  • Tear-out cheat sheet
  • Top ten lists
  • A dash of humor and fun
About the Author
Allen G. Taylor is a database instructor who has written 20 computer books. He operates a Web development company and is much in demand as a speaker.
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