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SQL for Microsoft Access (Wordware Applications Library)

To get the most out of a book, it is usually a good idea to discover
immediately what the authors plan to discuss in the book,
how they plan to present the material, and how much knowledge
of the subject the reader needs to have. So, to put things
in a nutshell, this is a book about basic SQL and how to build
SQL database queries in Microsoft Access. As an added plus,
the final chapters of this book discuss the integration of SQL
script in Visual Basic and ASP.

The primary targets are those people who have done some
work in Access or a comparable program and who can build
queries and tables using the tools, wizards, or query grids, but
who are now ready to take the next big step into the underlying
programming of SQL itself.

So, how do we go about presenting a topic like SQL in a simple,
easy-to-understand format? Well, we have to start
somewhere, so each chapter begins with a short introduction to
highlight what we plan to mention in that chapter. The next
section of each chapter is a list of important definitions for that
chapter. Here you will find the keywords and terms that are to
be discussed, explained, and expanded upon. This is also the
perfect place to scan if you want to find where a specific keyword
is introduced and how it is used in an SQL statement.
This is not a replacement for the index or table of contents!
Instead, it is for those who want a quick, concise answer.
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