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SQL: The Complete Reference, Second Edition

The Most Comprehensive SQL Resource Available

Get in-depth details on all the powerful features and capabilities of SQL inside this one-stop guide. Featuring broad coverage of every aspect of this leading database language, this book provides you with an overview of SQL then shows you how to retrieve and update data, program with SQL, use stored procedures, and much more. Covering emerging standards and new related technologies including XML, Web services, EJB, J2EE, and JDBC, this book will help you gain the knowledge and essential skills you need to effectively work with SQL. Comprehensive, organized, and practical, this is the ultimate guide to understanding and using SQL.

  • Master SQL basics and use simple, multi-table, and summary queries
  • Understand key concepts and the latest developments in relational database technology
  • Set up and manage SQL-based databases and write programs to access them
  • Create and use the sample database to run the SQL query examples in the book
  • Find out about Xpath, Xquery, and other XML-based database query standards
  • Discover how J2EE-based applications relate to data management
  • Use and program SQL databases with application servers to create powerful Web applications
  • Preview the future of SQL--including MySQL and the impact of XML and Web Services
About the Author

McGraw-Hill authors represent the leading experts in their fields and are dedicated to improving the lives, careers, and interests of readers worldwide Paul N. Weinberg and James R. Groff are the authors of Using SQL, the book on which this guide is based. They were also the cofounders of Network Innovations Corporation, developers of SQL-based network software. Groff speaks and writes on SQL and UNIX topics. Weinberg is currently a developer at Apple Computer Corporation.
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