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Statistics for Research (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)

Praise for the Second Edition

"Statistics for Research has other fine qualities besides superior organization. The examples and the statistical methods are laid out with unusual clarity by the simple device of using special formats for each. The book was written with great care and is extremely user-friendly."—The UMAP Journal

Although the goals and procedures of statistical research have changed little since the Second Edition of Statistics for Research was published, the almost universal availability of personal computers and statistical computing application packages have made it possible for today's statisticians to do more in less time than ever before.

The Third Edition of this bestselling text reflects how the changes in the computing environment have transformed the way statistical analyses are performed today. Based on extensive input from university statistics departments throughout the country, the authors have made several important and timely revisions, including:

  • Additional material on probability appears early in the text
  • New sections on odds ratios, ratio and difference estimations, repeated measure analysis, and logistic regression
  • New examples and exercises, many from the field of the health sciences
  • Printouts of computer analyses on all complex procedures
  • An accompanying Web site illustrating how to use SAS® and JMP® for all procedures

The text features the most commonly used statistical techniques for the analysis of research data. As in the earlier editions, emphasis is placed on how to select the proper statistical procedure and how to interpret results. Whenever possible, to avoid using the computer as a "black box" that performs a mysterious process on the data, actual computational procedures are also given.

A must for scientists who analyze data, professionals and researchers who need a self-teaching text, and graduate students in statistical methods, Statistics for Research, Third Edition brings the methodology up to date in a very practical and accessible way.

About the Author
SHIRLEY DOWDY, PhD, has held appointments as Professor of Statistics at West Virginia University and Professor of Research Methodology at St. Louis University, where she was also the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and from which she is now retired. She received her PhD from the University of Notre Dame.

STANLEY WEARDEN, PhD, is currently a professor in the Department of Statistics at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia, where he previously served for four years as Chairman of the Department of Statistics and Computer Science. He earned his PhD in population genetics from Cornell University and also held the position of Fulbright Professor of Statistics at the University of the West Indies.

DANIEL CHILKO, MS, is an Associate Professor of Statistics at West Virginia University and has contributed his expertise to several books in the field. He received his MS from Rutgers University.

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