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Structured Finance Modeling with Object-Oriented VBA (Wiley Finance)

Praise for STRUCTURED FINANCE MODELING with Object-Oriented VBA

"This book is an excellent and interesting integration of financial engineering, structured finance, and structured programming, and the book accomplishes this with easy-to-follow examples, using the most commonly available tools, MS VBA and spreadsheets. The author is clearly intimately familiar with structured products, the mechanics and challenges of securitization, and the financial and analytical modeling that is required to understand and manage these diverse financial products. The result is a book that demonstrates an easy-to-follow combination of finance and object-oriented programming. This is a 'must own book' for the active practitioner, the financial engineer on the front lines of the structuring battle."
—Cyrus Mohebbi, PhD, Head of MBS/ABS Structuring and Analytics, HSBC Securities Inc.

"Tick has written a seminal structured finance book. He presents an approach to modeling that is both efficient and practical. His work will serve as a timeless template to simplify the complexity of structured finance."
—Janet Tavakoli, President, Tavakoli Structured Finance

"Dr. Tick's experience in applying theoretical concepts to various markets is well encapsulated in this book. A must-read for technicians and market practitioners alike who would like insight into practical solutions to complex financial modeling problems."
—Adil Nathani, Old Lane Management

"Reading Tick's book gives a real-world introduction to practical bond structuring, the activity that generates a significant part of Wall Street's profits. This book from a (financial) engineer who is intimately involved in this business, gives the details needed to generate accurate cash flows along with meticulously presented real-life examples. In addition to meat-and-potatoes asset and liability cash flows, he discusses optimization and stochastic modeling, a useful introduction to synthetic structures. This book also serves as an introduction to programming skills in VBA."
—Ramine Rouhani, Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets, IXIS Capital Markets North America

About the Author

Evan Tick is a director at IXIS Capital Markets, and has worked on Wall Street for ten years. His expertise is fixed income and structured finance modeling in the areas of risk management, asset-backed securities (ABS), residential mortgages, and credit derivatives.

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