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Successful Marketing Strategy for High-Tech Firms (Technology Management and Professional Development)

The definition of the word “marketing” can be found in its etymology.
Marketing means “putting on the market.” Therefore, the purpose of marketing
is to act in such a way that a company places on the market products
that correspond to demand and satisfy the needs and wants of customers at
an acceptable return.

Marketing’s philosophy reverses the traditional perspective toward the
company, its needs, and its production capacity. Marketing considers its
main task to be “determining the needs and wants of the appropriate markets
and to profitably produce the desired product or services by being more
efficient than the competition” [3]. The following, more detailed definition
has been developed by the American Marketing Organization (AMA):
“Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing,
promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create
exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals” [4]. Marketing
focuses on making the product available at the right place, at the right time,
and at a price that is acceptable to customers.

Features detailed case studies illustrating the realities of the new high-tech market place and how effective marketing strategy can work. Discusses such strategies used by Yahoo, IBM, Cisco, Nokia, and other competitive companies. Shows how to develop innovative product offers that connect to customer needs. Previous edition: c1998.

About the Author
Eric Viardot is a professor at Ceram, a European school of management located in southern France. A graduate of the HEC Business School and the Institute of Political Sciences, Dr.Viardot holds a Ph.D. in management. He is also the author of Introduction to Information-Based High-Tech Services (Artech House, 1999).
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