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SUSE Linux10 Bible

SUSE Linux10 Bible, 9780471754886 (0471754889), John Wiley & Sons, 2006

If you're looking to migrate to SUSE Linux or to enhance your existing SUSE system with new Version 10 features, this comprehensive guide is for you. Showcasing the latest releases of such SUSE Linux products as the Novell Open Enterprise Server, the Novell Linux Desktop, and the very popular OpenExchange Server, this book provides detailed information you just can't get anywhere else. It includes complete coverage of SUSE's unique YaST management tools. From the basics for home users through advanced platform enterprise integration, this must-have reference is the only SUSE guide you'll need.

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of SUSE Linux 10

  • Install and configure your SUSE system with YaST
  • Discover Novell's Open Enterprise Server, which offers the advantages of NetWare on Linux
  • Find out the latest on OpenExchange e-mail Server
  • Discover the hottest thing in enterprise management: virtualization
  • Gain a deep understanding of Linux internals, including filesystems, the kernel, and the boot process
  • Edit text, manipulate files, and perform network diagnostics at the command line
  • Manage mail servers with postfix or sendmail, and run a web site on Apache
  • Protect and maintain your network with SUSE Linux firewalls, LDAP, and Web Proxy
  • Learn to run Windows apps on Linux, burn CDs and DVDs, and handle audio and video
  • Get a grip on SUSE Linux for desktops and home use

SUSE Linux 10.0 full distribution is included on DVD!

About the Author
Justin Davies (London, England) was the principal UK consultant for SUSE until recently, has hands-on experience deploying Linux in the enterprise, and in depth knowledge in standard Unix services, DNS, Apache, and SMTP.

Roger Whittaker (Surrey, England) joined SUSE Linux when opened their UK office in 1999, working as a technical and training consultant until early in 2004. He works as a Linux consultant at CSF in London.

William von Hagen (Pittsburgh, PA)
is a Senior Product Manager with TimeSys Corporation, a leading developer of Linux embedded systems and tools. He has been a Unix sys adm since 1982 and avid Linux user since 1993.

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