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Sustainable On-Site CHP Systems: Design, Construction, and Operations



Plan, design, construct, and operate a sustainable on-site CHP (combined heat and power) facility using the detailed information in this practical guide. Sustainable On-Site CHP Systems reveals how to substantially increase the energy efficiency in commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential buildings using waste heat and thermal energy from power generation equipment for cooling, heating, and humidity control. In-depth case studies illustrate real-world applications of CHP systems.

Coverage includes:

  • CHP basics, power equipment, and thermal design
  • Packaged CHP systems
  • Regulatory issues
  • Carbon footprint, environmental benefits, and emission controls
  • Conducting a feasibility study and economic analysis
  • CHP plant design and engineering
  • Construction, permits, and risk management
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring and improvement
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