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Swift Essentials

Swift Essentials, 9781784396701 (1784396702), Packt Publishing, 2014

Get up and running lightning fast with this practical guide to building applications with Swift

About This Book

  • Rapidly learn how to program Apple's newest programming language, Swift, from the basics through to working applications
  • Create graphical iOS applications using Xcode and storyboard
  • Build a network client for GitHub repositories, with full source code on GitHub

Who This Book Is For

Whether you are a seasoned Objective-C developer or new to the Xcode platform, Swift Essentials will provide you with all you need to know to get started with the language. Prior experience with iOS development is not necessary, but will be helpful to get the most out of the book.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the nuts and bolts of the Swift syntax
  • Test Swift code interactively with the REPL
  • Display graphics with QuickLook in the Swift playground
  • Present data in master-detail applications
  • Use the Swift storyboard to manage multi-screen applications
  • Create graphical UIViews with Swift
  • Parse JSON and XML data from network sources
  • Build a standalone iOS application from start to finish

In Detail

Swift is a new and powerful programming language that represents an essential new programming tool for iOS and OSX applications and builds upon the power of Objective-C while streamlining the developer experience.

Swift Essentials is a fast-paced, practical guide showing you the quickest way to put Swift to work in the real world. It guides you concisely through the basics of syntax and development before pushing ahead to explore Swift's higher features through practical programming projects.

By the end of the book, you will be able to use Xcode's graphical interface builder, create interactive applications, and communicate with network services.

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