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Taking Your iPod Touch to the Max (Technology in Action)

Fast and fun to read, Taking Your iPod Touch to the Max gives you all the tips and techniques you could ever think of to make the most of your Apple iPod Touch. Erica Sadun is an expert at hacking devices to discover undocumented tricks, and this book reveals everything and more about the functionality of the iPod Touch. But before that, Sadun will give you the best, most efficient, and fun–to–read introduction to the basics of using the iPod Touch that you will ever find.

What you’ll learn

  • iPod Touch basics
  • E–mail using iCal
  • Surfing the Web with iPod Touch using Safari
  • Expanding the main menu using third–party software
  • Using iTunes, games, iBooks, etc.
  • Connecting to the TV and ripping DVDs
  • Hacking OS X Leopard to run apps on the iPod Touch
  • Getting contract–free VOIP
  • Saving on accessories and what you really need.

Who is this book for?

Anyone who has an iPod Touch and wants to get more out of it, learn how to connect to other devices, or tinker with it.

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About the Author

Erica Sadun holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has written, cowritten, and contributed to almost two dozen books about technology, particularly in the areas of programming, digital video, and digital photography. An unrepentant geek, Sadun has never met a gadget she didn’t need. Her checkered past includes run–ins with NeXT, Newton, and a vast myriad of both successful and unsuccessful technologies. When not writing, she and her geek husband parent three adorable geeks–in–training, who regard their parents with restrained bemusement. Eight Ways to Get the Most out of Your Zune, the O’Reilly short cut, and Modding Mac OS X, also with O’Reilly, are her latest books. She also wrote Taking Your iPhone to the Max.
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