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TestGoal: Result-Driven Testing

TestGoal: Result-Driven Testing, 9783540788287 (354078828X), Springer, 2008
Software testing is traditionally seen as a difficult and time consuming activity that is hard to embed in the software development process. This book provides a different view. It explains to stakeholders how testing can add value to software development and doing business, and provides the tester with practical information.

TestGoal is not just another methodology. Several good testing methodologies exist. But, like any other profession, also testing encompasses more than the simple application of a methodology. After all, strict adherence to a specific methodology is no guarantee for success. Success stems from the mindset, enthusiasm, knowledge and skill of the tester. These factors determine whether a methodology is applied successfully and whether testing takes on a result-driven character. And thats what TestGoal is about: a result-driven attitude, testing principles and expertise as fundament, and a hands-on six step plan to enable result driven testing.

Derk-Jan de Grood and his colleagues from Collis, an international software testing company, know about the main pitfalls in test projects from their extensive professional experience. TestGoal has emerged from the office floor and captures over a decade of best practice. TestGoal is made by professionals for professionals, and it combines the mindset, knowledge, and skills required to add value with testing and make software development more successful.

This book explains in a clear language how you can make testing result-driven. It explains why testing is important and describes all of the activities involved in testing. It is enriched with recognizable examples, practical tips and useful checklists. This makes it a "GO kit" that enables testers to immediately get started and add value to their organization.

About the Author

Derk-Jan de Grood has broad, hands-on experience as a test engineer, test manager and advisor in a large range of industries. As manager of a test department he learned how to implement test methods the practical way. He gives lectures at various Dutch universities and is author of the first educational book specially written for teaching software testing at Dutch universities.

As an ISTQB/ISEB practitioner certified test manager, he coaches the test experts of Collis. Besides that, he is a passionate, inspiring speaker at major testing conferences all over the world such as the STAR conferences in the USA and Europe

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