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The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture: A Systems-Based Approach for Unlocking Business Insight


Architecture for the Intelligent Enterprise: Powerful New Ways to Maximize the Real-time Value of Information


Tomorrow’s winning “Intelligent Enterprises” will bring together far more diverse sources of data, analyze it in more powerful ways, and deliver immediate insight to decision-makers throughout the organization. Today, however, most companies fail to apply the information they already have, while struggling with the complexity and costs of their existing information environments.


In this book, a team of IBM’s leading information management experts guide you on a journey that will take you from where you are today toward becoming an “Intelligent Enterprise.”


Drawing on their extensive experience working with enterprise clients, the authors present a new, information-centric approach to architecture and powerful new models that will benefit any organization. Using these strategies and models, companies can systematically unlock the business value of information by delivering actionable, real-time information in context to enable better decision-making throughout the enterprise–from the “shop floor” to the “top floor.”


Coverage Includes

  • Highlighting the importance of Dynamic Warehousing
  • Defining your Enterprise Information Architecture from conceptual, logical, component, and operational views
  • Using information architecture principles to integrate and rationalize your IT investments, from Cloud Computing to Information Service Lifecycle Management
  • Applying enterprise Master Data Management (MDM) to bolster business functions, ranging from compliance and risk management to marketing and product management
  • Implementing more effective business intelligence and business performance optimization, governance, and security systems and processes
  • Understanding “Information as a Service” and “Info 2.0,” the information delivery side of Web 2.0
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