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The Complete Manual of Typography: A Guide to Setting Perfect Type (2nd Edition)


Note to customers: The print version of this book is highly formatted, and many pages contain examples that use a variety of approaches to text layout including the use of multiple fonts. The subtleties of this layout would be lost when converted to ePub, so we have chosen to offer this ebook only in PDF format, which keeps the page layout intact.

Beautifully designed and richly illustrated The Complete Manual of Typography, Second Edition, is the fully updated version of THE seminal book on typography by Jim Felici. This book is about how type should look and how to make it look that way — in other words, how to set type like a professional. It explains in practical terms how to use today’s digital tools to achieve the secret of good design: well set type. An essential reference for anyone who works with type: designers, print production professionals, and corporate communications managers can go to straight to the index to find focused answers to specific questions, while educators and students can read it as a text book from cover to cover.


You’ll Learn:

  • Basic Concepts and anatomy of good typography, indexed for quick reference by busy professionals
  • How to manage fonts and handle corrupted or missing fonts on any operating system
  • What makes good type good (and bad type bad)
  • Techniques for working with measure, point-size, leading, kerning, and other type fundamentals
  • Practical ways to fix composition problems such as loose lines, bad rags, windows, and orphans
  • Hard-to-find rules for managing hyphenation and justification, indents, text wraps, and expert-set characters
  • Secrets of how to wring out good type from uncooperative word-processing and layout problems
  • The latest font technologies, including OpenType
  • New typographic tools and improved font services in Operating Systems such as Windows and Mac OS
  • New Techniques, and coverage of working methods such as style sheets.
  • 35 page glossary of type terms

Praise for the first edition

"Clear and elegant... There's no better or more useful introduction to the whole craft of typography"

Roger Black - Danilo Black, Inc

"All you've wanted to know about type and typography but never dared ask. Jim Felici brings together a vast amount of knowledge in this book. Must-Have!"

Erik Spiekermann author, Stop Stealing Sheep (and Find Out How Type Works)

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