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The Customer Management Scorecard: Managing CRM for Profit


The Customer Management Scorecard is based on a unique global survey conducted by QCi that aimed to reveal the true relationship between effective customer management and business performance. Over 300 global assessments of blue chip companies in 22 countries, across all sectors, were conducted using QCi’s Customer Management Assessment Tool (CMAT) diagnostic process. CMAT is recognized as the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) best-practice benchmark.

With contributions from 25 international experts, in-depth cases and drawing on the leading-edge research findings, this book is the most comprehensive source of data ever published on CM global practice. The authors first present a detailed analysis of how the survey was conducted and its findings. They then go on to provide essentially practical insights and advice that will help any company to:

  • re-examine their current approach to CM;
  • learn from the world’s best performing companies;
  • make use of data about customer experience for CM;
  • understand multi-channel CM;
  • ensure both staff and customer loyalty;
  • measure the return on investment;
  • ensure that their CM programme is profitable;
  • build an integrated IT capability for CM;
  • implement an integrated CRM strategy;
  • focus on future challenges and prepare for them.
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2D Object Detection and Recognition: Models, Algorithms, and Networks
2D Object Detection and Recognition: Models, Algorithms, and Networks
This book is about detecting and recognizing 2D objects in gray-level images. Howare
models constructed? Howare they trained? What are the computational approaches to
efficient implementation on a computer? And finally, how can some of these computations
be implemented in the framework of parallel and biologically plausible neural...
Essential Radiology: Clinical Presentation · Pathophysiology · Imaging
Essential Radiology: Clinical Presentation · Pathophysiology · Imaging

This comprehensive introduction to the essentials of radiology is designed
to enable readers to excel at ordering the appropriate examination and reliably
interpreting basic imaging findings. Organized around the major organ systems,
it situates imaging within the larger context of the patient's clinical

Lessons in Project Management
Lessons in Project Management

Most of the project management books on the market are basically textbooks. They are dry to begin with, and don't focus on the practical advice that most people need to run their projects. Lessons in Project Management, Second Edition does not assume that you are a project manager building a nuclear reactor or sending a...

Knowledge Management And Risk Strategies
Knowledge Management And Risk Strategies

This book deals with knowledge management with an emphasis on knowledge risk, i.e., a general trend of knowledge value getting shorter and becoming temporary. The shortening of knowledge value lifespan will have a profound impact on companies' employment policies, and employees' strategies for gaining knowledge. How to manage...

Communicate to Win
Communicate to Win

Communicate to Win is full of sound, practical advice on every aspect of business and personal communication, such as how to: encourage people to like you, understand what motivates people, use the telephone effectively, excel at one-on-one conversation, develop your emotional intelligence, master a good writing style and give...

PHP 5 Social Networking
PHP 5 Social Networking

Social Networking has quickly become a very popular activity on the Internet, particularly with the emergence of sites like Facebook and MySpace. PHP is a flexible web development language used on a wide variety of sites, including Facebook and Yahoo! But building a social networking site from scratch using PHP involves some complex logic,...

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